Mill of Benholm is a community project owned and operated by the people of Aberdeenshire

Operating as a charity it seeks to maintain and develop the Mill, it's buildings and grounds as a resource for tourists and local communities.

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from Monday 31st March 2014

MARCH 2014



They appreciated FREE entry& FREE parking

at the only big Science Fair event outside Aberdeen city held to celebrate the National Science and Engineering Week.

(these events take place throughout the British Isles)

Over the two weekends families enjoyed learning about the technologies of the past at this working watermill.

Many learned from the Dunnottar Bodgers Group to use ancient technologies to shape a piece of tree into a perfectly round chair leg without the assistance of electric power,

Grandparents recollected learning basic engineering as children with Meccano construction sets and were able with their grandchildren, helped by Angus Plumb, to make working models and machines.

Children and parents were fascinated at the principles of physics to be found in railways and toy trains as explained by retired teacher Robert Wilson.

Van Leiper's working models demonstrated examples of Aberdeenshire industrial history,

Bill Duncan had parents pedalling to generate electricity so that the kids could play with  electric scalectrix racing cars and he sold some bikes for the Benholm Bikes fund.

Families helped Aberdeenshire Council Ranger Helen Young replant the Mill Brae wood where many old elms have been brought down in the recent storms. They also extended the snowdrop walk around the perimeter of the wood and worked with Mairi Eddie making insect hotels.

Rebecca Chambers and friends enlisted more folk into their beach cleaning efforts and Claire Pescod explained why you should try to always buy Marine Stewardship Council Approved fish.

A group of young scientists from Aberdeen University answered questions about why they had chosen science as a career and provided the children with toy aeroplanes to fly on the meadow slope,

The woodland classroom at the confluence of the two burns now has an owl and a squirrel looked on by faces all carved by David Roberts from tree trunks with his chainsaw.

The Miller's Byre Tearoom, staff helped by many young volunteers, plied folks with lots of good things to eat and drink during the event.

Visitors came from Aboyne and Edinburgh, many were from Aberdeen and some even managed to get the X7 Express to stop at Mill of Benholm!

This was the third year we have held this event.

REMEMBER to put it in your diary for next MARCH.

Meanwhile you might reflect on the words of one visitor that even without all the events the Mill of Benholm Public Park is a place worth travelling to for the children to experience a lovely day out in the country where they can enjoy a walk in the woods and sit by a burn listening to the birds or play on a sunlit meadow slope.

David and Kirsty of NATIONAL BIRD CONTROL apologise for not being able to make the event as one of their bird was taken ill but will be flying again at Benholm this year (watch this website).

for further details telephone 01561 362466





*RIVERSIDE FAMILY PICNIC AREA with play house and sandtable*

We are open 50 weeks of the year and close only for the Christmas and New Year.

** The 'JACOB'S LADDER' stairway down through the Woodland Walk is now lined with Snowdrops **

BENHOLM BIKES @ Mill of Benholm is open Thursdays 10am to 2.00pm.

To arrange a meeting with the Manager at the Benholm Bikes shed tel 01356648048.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

.. we strive to provide training opportunities for people with special needs in Aberdeenshire .....

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

volunteers needed - in the tearoom, the museum, the gardens, with crafts - whatever your skills there is a place for you


Come here and surround yourself with Mearns and Scottish history, view the artifacts, read the guides and enrich your understanding

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Tea Room Opening Hours

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Enjoy a coffee and cake sitting outside listening to the Burn of Benholm below and the birdsong from the tranquility of a woodland glen. A paradise for nature lovers!



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